Robert Lefebvre

Master in Woodcraft – Sculptor

The one who gives
the floor to trees

In a precise and silent choreography, Robert Lefebvre exposes the life of a tree in a unique work where the power of the material coexists with the refinement of the Work of the master Woodcraft Sculptor. Following the selection of the tree and the precision of the drying, begins the rigorous process of drawing the plan. The accuracy of the golden ratio layout gives shape and balance to the work in progress. His geometry draws on the traditions of the styles and the sensitivity of the artist. The quest for beauty is a demanding process.

The story of a passionate

To study, understand, travel, Robert Lefebvre’s passion for knowledge can be read in the admiring comments for some of his professors or in his passion to share his knowledge. His curious mind roams the world as an independent and daring experimenter. In the gaze of the quiet person shines the radiance of the reckless dreamer.

Faithful to his family and the agricultural world where he flourished, Robert Lefebvre is also at the land that supports his dreams and his projects. He lives there the same sensitive unit that inspires constancy, the discreet dedication he puts into all his commitments. A true man appears, in the family fidelity, the agricultural solidarity, the love of the forest or the work of the wood.

The integrity of the origins

Pieces of Art expresses as none the integrity of wood, its age, and the unique vicissitudes of its life in the forest. There is a lively texture, sometimes tormented, and, in some cases, Robert leaves knots (a complication for a cabinetmaker), traces of the work of insects as artifacts of bites or lines of worms. For him, even when a work fits in the greatest refinement, it must preserve the integrity of its origins.

 What was Rejection becomes intense Refinement. In his hands, the wood begins to speak. Follow him in his woods, designating a tree to prepare it, slowly, with standing drying.

It looks like he chooses his trees for the story they will tell us.



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