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Painter, Illustrator and Muralist

Find life in everything…

Artist from Beauceville in central Quebec, Hugues Nolet-Voyer is a member of Conseil de métiers d’art du Québec. His Creation spans for more than 30 years in a variety of forms and formats. From sensitive portraits to epic urban walls, one always finds an extreme Technical Mastery combined with a great Finesse to perceive and give life to his subjects.

His Story

Of French-Amerindian descent, Hugues Nolet-Voyer very soon invited the Pictorial Techniques in the expression of his Culture.

He illustrates everyday life and perfects his technique on many supports : wood, leather, canvas, masonry etc …

His work can be found in public and private collections across Canada.

A Dialogue with Wood

The attentive eyes of Hugues allows him to read the story of a piece of wood, left intentionally by his friend Robert Lefebvre

To the artifacts of the bites and the hazards of growth, he superimposes Historical Epic Sagas, or supports with delicacy the expression of a face.

It is perhaps that this Painter with his Amerindian origins is able as a person to  decode the message of Nature to melt its history in a timeless and moving dialogue.

The art of portraiture

A recognized portraitist, Hugues Nolet Voyer seems to reveal the inner light and the Truth of the Characters in the situations he paints.

His work takes the form of large Historical Frescoes of 8 by 8 or intimate portraits on command. He approaches them with the same attention to detail and nuances.

His Historical Frescoes always begin with patient research work. For the personal or group portrait it starts above all with a careful observation.

His collaboration with the work of Robert Lefebvre is the meeting of two accomplished artists.



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